Jay Leno was seen running around his home town in Andover this past weekend.  He was seen trying out an Infinity Massage Chair over at their corporate headquarters.  Apparently these are the top of the line chairs and cost upwards of $10,000!  Who knew?! I did get a chance to sit in one of the robotic massage chairs and it was amazing.  Jay is probably going to buy a couple of the chairs and mount them to one of his hundreds of cars that he has in his collection.  You can check out more about the massage chairs here.



Paint nite pass

One of the fun events that are happening around the country is PAiNt NiTe!  Have you heard of it.  It is a fun event that involves painting and wine.  You can find a location in almost every major city int the United States.  Most hard core PaintNiters look for new themes and artists.   Check the PAINT nite website for locations and get your Paint Nite pass now!