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Amy Poehler Wardrobe Malfunction Before Fappening Incident

Beautiful Amy Poehler Shows of Cleavage in Interview With Her Yellow Mini Dress

When Amy Poehler appeared on Jay Leno’s Show. When crossing her leg the audience seen more then a paparazzi up skirt slip moment. This was controversial at the time, however the leaked fappening hacked photos i Cloud incident exposed her nude photos either way. That yellow dress she appeared in really showed of the sexy side of Amy.

Sexy Amy Poehler Talks About Her Fappening Scandal Photos & Videos Leak

Which included more then 5000 celebrities leaked nude photos on CelebMasta that were affected by hackers and their stolen pics. Back in 2014 when all the celebs had their private pictures stolen. Most stars have oops moments or wardrobe malfunctions, but she takes it to another level in this interview.

Celebrity  Amy Poehler Feels Her Nudes Where Empowering and is Happy to Flash Boobs

Major news media nicknamed it TheFappening being a common word used in the adult community. However the film actress Amy Poehler says, that having her naked pictures leaked online was boosting her self confidence.

up skirt photo of Amy Poehler
Self Confident Amy Poehler flashes audience with a up skirt without underwear

As many fappening and celeb nudes sites reveal them and collect these images of stars, Poehler didn’t mind because she thought they where sexy. It is a crazy world out there being nudity becoming the normal things now days.