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How Jay Leno Built His Net Worth

After announcing he is leaving the Late Night Show the comedian and famous celebrity car collector Jay Leno. Just started to focus on his real estate investments and collectors car auctions to mass his income.

As we know from many trusted sources and Leno’s net worth is $400 Million dollars. He is a Emerson College graduate he earned a fortune by comedy and talk show arts and entertainment.

How Jay Leno net worth became 400 million
How Jay Leno net worth became 400 million.

Leno always loved his cars and appeared first in 1976 in America Hot Wax TV show, before debuting in the Jay Leno Late Night Show. Jay has been married to Mavis Leno since the 1980’s without the couple having any offspring’s.

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Jay Leno Born: 1950. Leno and his wife made headline news by donating 1$00,000 to the Feminist Majority Foundation’s campaign to help female education in old fashioned belief countries.. Having multiple awards and guest appearances Leno is the most loved TV show host of all times with many fans.